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Getting Started

To use the OpenCV Face Recognition Python SDK, first register at the OpenCV Face Recognition Developer Portal.

Doing so will provide you with a Master/Admin key for administering your account/subscriptions, and also, with a starter Developer Key.

You can use your Master/Admin key to create/disable/delete Developer Keys, and to manage your subscription plans, and payments.

To use this SDK, you only need a Developer Key, and one was provisioned at the time of registering on our Developer Portal (after registering, please check your email if you don't have a Developer Key handy)

Install requirements

With your Developer Key handy, you can simply pip install our SDK as shown below:

pip install opencv-face-recognition

To facilitate RAD (Rapid Application Development), we highly recommend that you use Google Colab notebook while familiarizing yourself with our APIs, and planning the UI for your own users.

Import and initialize SDK

Since our SDK supports multiple regions, you need to initialize it with a respective BACKEND_URL indicating the region you would like to host your data in, and also with a DEVELOPER_KEY. To do so, execute code snippet below with respective region:

# Import the SDK
from import FR

# Define the region, and developer key
# SG: ""
# US: ""
# EU: ""

DEVELOPER_KEY = "8zt.......................................ZmQ2"

# Initialize the SDK

Now we are ready to use the SDK to perform various operations.